Veritas Villages for Veterans Announces Major Plan to Build a Residential RV Community for U.S. Military Veterans in Mosier, Oregon

Mosier Oregon, NY November 11, 2018

In Latin, Veritas means truth. In English, it means residential communities that meet the life care needs, physical and emotional, of U.S. military veterans by offering a unique package of location, price, services, amenities and especially, honesty. Our mission is to envelop all veterans, regardless of age or demographics, whether single or with families, whether honorably discharged or not, in a secure surrounding of compassion and care that provides a sanctuary from the outside world.

Veritas Villages for Veterans– V3 has planned to develop its first residential community for veterans in The Dales, Oregon. V3 is acquiring approximately 150 acres of land and development for an RV Camp and assisted living facility for veterans, including retired veterans as well as those coming home from overseas deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The proposed site will feature a number of amenities including a beautiful clubhouse modeled after the officers’ clubs on military bases. The clubhouse will offer food service, a game room, a banquet hall. The clubhouse will also include meeting rooms and will host veterans’ organizations and their fundraising event. In addition the grounds will have a miniature golf course, basketball and tennis courts, pool, fitness center with a Navajo sweat lodge, horseback riding and more.

The West Coast has a large veteran population in the United States and many of these families are struggling and in need of assistance. Over the next few years, tens of thousands more service men and women are scheduled to be coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan, among other worldwide deployments. All together, these vets constitute a huge need for specialized residential communities.

Through passion and commitment, Brian Mahon, a disabled former Marine and founder of Veritas Villages for Veterans, has assembled a skilled and experienced management team who believe not only in offering veterans outstanding housing opportunities, but also in helping veterans receive their maximum benefits.

“Too many veterans after serving their country,” Brian points out, “are faced with difficult adjustments to civilian life. V3 will afford them the resources to access whatever assistance is available, and welcome them to an environment that they will feel comfortable navigating. In doing so, V3 management will offer a better overall quality of life to the men and women who have served their country and, by defending our freedom, have given everyone in America the quality of life we all enjoy.”

Funding for Veritas Villages for Veterans in Mosier, Oregon in now underway; for additional information, press or support inquiries please contact Brain Mahon at 631.774.1546.


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