About Our Veteran Housing Opportunities

In Latin, Veritas means truth. In English, it means residential communities that meet the life care needs — both physical and emotional — of US veterans by offering a unique package of location, price, services, and amenities. Our mission is to envelop all veterans — whether young or old, single or with a family, and honorably discharged or not (after review) — in a secure surrounding that is full of compassion and care. We aim to provide veterans with a sanctuary from the outside world.

Veritas Villages of America, Inc. is developing its first residential community for veterans in St. Clair, PA. We have an agreement to purchase a 2.4-acre site at 247 Cherry Street.

St. Clair is a borough in Schuylkill County, PA, located 2 miles north of Pottsville in the southern Coal Region.

The property includes a 3500 sq. ft. building originally built as an AMVETS building in the 1940s. The building will be converted to a CluckShack Chicken & Ribs restaurant to provide veterans with training and employment opportunities. Our company also plans to add around 20 RV sites or tiny homes to be able to provide more options for veterans’ housing.

Additionally, we have an option to acquire approximately 150 acres of land in Mosier, OR to develop a residential community there for veterans. The property will be developed as an RV park for veterans, including retired veterans as well as those coming home from overseas deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This proposed RV park will feature several hundred affordable RV spaces for rent and available for US veterans and their families. Amenities will include a beautiful, 24/7 world-class clubhouse modeled after the officers’ clubs on military bases. The clubhouse will feature restaurants, ‘round-the-clock food service, a game room, a convenience store, and a health club with a swimming pool as well as other recreational facilities. The clubhouse will also include meeting rooms and banquet facilities to host veterans’ organizations and Las Vegas casino nights.